Other than provide courses, Menbridges now also appeals to participate in our Game Analyst program. In this plan, we need multiple Game Analysts to assist us in testing various games.
If you are interested in this, Welcome to join us and become one of us

What Does a Video Game Analyst Do

  • Video game analysts examine games to ensure they are free of bugs and glitches. In this role, you play a game through each stage, testing different moves and techniques to discover any problems or inconsistencies with the program. You document each issue and create a report for the developers to adjust or fix. Some companies may have you work on a game with a team of testers; you may either play the same game separately and discuss findings with each other, or play together so that you can find new angles of play, cover more ground in a game, recreate glitches to find their source, and meticulously inspect every aspect of a level.
  • How to Become a Video Game Analyst

  • There are no specific educational qualifications to become a video game analyst. Many complete certificate programs in video game design, or earn an associate or a bachelor's degree in video graphics, computer science, and other software-centered fields. Others learn video game coding through online courses or boot camps. Some employers may also consider candidates who can demonstrate proficiency with a variety of video game systems but who do not have formal training or education. All video game testers need to have an extensive background in playing different kinds of games, including those that require a team effort. Other qualifications include excellent communication and organizational skills, patience, and up-to-date computer gaming equipment.